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T vs. Modernity

A thought (probably neither original nor of particular weight) just struck me:

The doctrine of total depravity provides the necessary corrective against the Enlightenment rationalism of modernity. By stating that sin has affected every part of our being, including the intellect, the doctrine makes a similar critique of modernity as that of post-modernity: the impossibility of the intellect to discover objective truth on its own.

And as I'm writing this, I'm realizing that I probably stole the idea from Wright who sometimes says, "Perhaps it is the role of post-modernity to preach the Fall to arrogant modernity." However, I'd perhaps add that if total depravity had been properly understood and taught in Christian circles, such postmodern critique would be unnecessary today.

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So, could T say to those who live by the philosophy of the Enlightenment:

"I pity the fool!" (Romans 1:21-22)?

T could indeed.

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