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Investigatory Journalism

Sufjan Stevens is actually the son of Yousef Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens).

Line of Reasoning #1: They share the same last name. (Or at least used to.)
Line of Reasoning #2: They both create acoustic folk accompanied by hushed vocals. (Or at least used to.)
Line of Reasoning #3: Sufjan is an Muslim name. Cat Stevens converted to Islam and changed his name to Yousef Islam. He therefore named his son Sufjan.
Line of Reasoning #4: Cat Stevens song "Father and Son" details a father's estrangement from his son. Sufjan's song "For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti" describes the adoption of a fatherless son. These are certainly autobiographical.
Line of Reasoning #5: Photographic Evidence

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Here is a blog post that might corroborate your Line of Reasoning #3 if Cat Stevens got into Islam in the 70s (I have no idea when that came about).

By the way, what was formerly merely a hypothesis in my mind has become an incontrovertible law of nature: you have entirely too much time on your hands.

Aha. Cat Stevens converted to Islam in 1978. I've encountered a slight problem in that Sufjan was born in '75. However, this can be explained because Cat was interested in Islam for a few years before his conversion, when Sufjan was born.

Also, I do not have too much time. I make too much time.

I just want to take this opportunity to quote Derek Zoolander and call you an "investigatory journalist."

Thank you. That is all.

Excellent. I know have a revised title.

#4 is slightly problematic, as many of Sufjan's songs refer to the faithfulness of his father and the abandonment of his mother. ("Oh my mother, she betrayed us, but our father loved and bathed us" etc.)

Maybe Sufjan was raised by someone who wasn't really his father (Cat), but who was a good father. Maybe Sufjan doesn't even know Cat is his father!?!

This does happen. Nicole Richie isn't even Lionel Richie's daughter, just the neglected daughter of friends that he later adopted. Additional evidence.

Perhaps in "Father and Son" the distance is emotional and Cat really was a good father who adopted young Sufjan and named him as such in the midst of his early Islamic leanings.

Dude, I can't believe that there is a blog on this! I googled out of curiosity. I'm sold. Sufjan's the son. How can so many people be wrong? Thanks!

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