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Sigur Ros Live

In case anyone happens to read this soon and is interested, NPR is currently broadcasting a Sigur Ros show live from Maryland. Listen here.


Update: I just finished the webcast and the concert was glorious. I plugged in my iBook to the surround sound and cranked up the volume, and was rather impressed with the sound quality of the broadcast. (I'm sure it's not the same as being there, but this is probably the closest I'll get for a while.) Great setlist, with a good bit from the new album and two of my favorites, "Njosnavelin" and "Popplagid" from ().

They're going to archive the show soon, so if you missed it and want to listen, check the site. On September 27 NPR is broadcasting The White Stripes with M. Ward and The Shins, so that might be worth checking out as well. Also, I recently subscribed to the All Songs Considered podcast, which is the best music news program I'm aware of.


I saw Sigur Ros in Lawrence three years ago, and it was the best concert I've ever been to. They're just phenomenal live.

Thanks for the link - I'll have to check it out soon.

Actually, I added the "I'm sure it doesn't compare..." qualification because I was pretty sure you'd pull the Lawrence card :-)

Looks like Chicago is the closest they're getting this time, and it's next Wednesday. I'm thinking that's probably not going to work...

...Roadtrip? Eh? Eh??

(Sorry about the Lawrence card...I wasn't trying to negate your post, as I am very excited about listening to it right now. I was just fondly reminiscing and reinforcing that people should listen to the webcast, because they do in fact, put on a great show.)

No need to apologize, I understood the intent. I'd be interested to hear how you think this one compares to Lawrence.

As for the road trip, if Shing can dream about Death Cab in Denver, I think we're entitled to dream about Sigur Ros in Chi-town.

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