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Full-Length Narnia Trailer

Not quite an LCS production, but it may suffice...


Well the only difference I can see between this trailer and the LCS production is the singing.

The high-pitched, off-key singing.

I will get my criticisms out of the way first: Some of the CGI looks really computery, not very realistic, which might be distracting. I kind of wish they hadn't gone with Liam Neeson for Aslan's voice, just because I'd prefer a less familiar voice so I'm not picturing a particular actor when Aslan speaks. These two things might not be an issue once I'm actually watching the movie and not the trailer, though.

Ok, onto the praise: it looks like they've really captured the feeling of Narnia, to me. The visuals are gorgeous and suitably epic-looking, but in a lighter and more whimsical way than the darkness of LOTR. Except at the Stone Table scene, where it's much darker, which I think is entirely appropriate. I know some people have complained that the White Witch is wearing black in that scene, but it makes sense to me - she's no longer masquerading as an angel of light, but is revealed in her true evil darkness.

And I'll admit that I got goosebumps and a little teary when Mr. Beaver said, "Aslan is on the move."

In summary: I can't wait.

(And I'm glad that they're producing them in the correct order. Imagine the horror if they'd begun with The Magician's Nephew. The horror!)

Are they doing all seven??

I agree, I didn't even know Liam Neeson was doing the voice of Aslan, but I watched the trailer and recognized the voice right off. At least it's not James Earl Jones.

I got goosebumps during the scene with the Beavers. I love "He-Beaver and She-Beaver."

My little heart can't take the excitement!

I'm not sure if they're doing all seven. I had heard somewhere that they were, but I suppose it's probably contingent on how much money this one makes. Which I am assuming will be a lot.

I heard that Disney, after seeing some very promising results in the first movie, gave the thumbs-up for them (whoever the company who makes this is) to make the next two. As for the rest, I think that it does matter how much money this one makes.

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