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Ethnic Identity Day

I've never really thought much about my ethnic heritage. This is probably because, as a WASP living in the Midwest, there's nothing particularly unique about it. However, today as I was reveling in the cool, damp, overcast weather it occurred to me that I fit my ethnicity in a few different characteristics:

-I like cool, overcast days. Today, for example, is near perfect weather.
-I like tea (especially with milk.)
-I like nature.

-I'm not exactly familiar with the defining Danish qualities or, for that matter, many Danes. However, I do know of two Danes: Hamlet and Soren Kierkegaard. Both were plagued with melancholic introspection, to the point where it's almost funny. I feel right at home in the company of these gloomy Danes. Especially on a cool, overcast day such as today.

So, how are you like or unlike your ethnic identity? (Or, How are you not yourself?)

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--I like lederhosen
--I don't know what schnitzel is exactly, but I like saying it
--I enjoy a good yodel now and then (preferably from a ski lift with Linds/Sarah/Karen)
--I like the German language - how can you not appreciate terms like this: ""korinthenkacker": "A "raisin pooper" -- that is, someone so taken up with life's trivial detail that they spend all day crapping raisins. You can spot these types a mile off -- it's that irritating pen pusher or filing fanatic whose favorite job is tidying up the stationery cupboard."

I have nominal amounts of English and Irish blood as well, but mostly it's German heritage.

- I used to look Aryan
- I love to sing (as do all good Germans)
- I love faspas with all of the pfeffernuse, plumumose, borsht, and swebach.
- I'm with Bethany on the beer.
- I have a penchant for being fastidiously clean.

I am also remotely Russian, but if you want to get technical, my whole family on both sides for generations are "Germans From Russia." My uncle helped start that darn museum over by Zion.

-i like to clean. a lot. and bake.
-i have curly hair, fair skin and a disposition to go on 3 day bar crawls. (just kidding)
-i'm loud

make that Dutch

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