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Today I realized that my iBook actually has a halfway decent microphone built into it. Thus, I've wasted several hours recording a couple songs. If I had a way to post them, I would. I've got them on my iPod, so if you'd like to hear them, ask me sometime. (If you're one of the two readers whom I don't know in the real world, you're out of luck I guess.)

This will surely ruin my academic career.


You know, you could try audioblogger. Maybe try your house phone's speakerphone and it might not be that bad. If anything, the crappy sound transfer might make for that "old-timey" effect which you could chalk up to creative expression. What else have you got to lose? Other than a few hours playing on the computer/banjo.

I could...but the quality would be worse than Iron and Wine's "Creek Drank the Cradle," which has it's own particular charm, but it's already been done.

If anyone knows of a free mp3 hosting site, let me know.

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Excellent! Except that I have to email it.

OK, so if anyone really wants to hear my demos, let me know and I'll email them to you. As of now, I have a new arrangement of the hymn "There Is A Fountain," and a short original instrumental piece.

Email it to yourself; it will give you an URL that you can then link to on here.

WHERE would we be without Bethany? The ramifications of that is simply mind-boggling.

Sneaky, yet ingenious.

These files are available for seven days or "a limited number of downloads."

There is a Fountain

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