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T-Shirt Idea?

Reformed Baptists: Copying Presbyterians since 1677.

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Ooh, snap!

That doesn't even dignify a response...

But, since I know you want one, here is mine:

Presbyterians: Copying Reformed Baptists (i.e., the original Church), although, ironically, still holding on to that whole Catholic thing of infant baptism since 1560.

But maybe that doesn't fit so well onto a t-shirt.

Hehe. I immediately started giggling, really wanting to see JACOB'S face when he read that.

ha!....oh stop my sides really!

Jacob, I want to get you a t-shirt that says all that on it.

My face was an annoyed, why-is-Andrew-writing-this, then an, oh-wait-I-know-exactly-why-he's-writing-this sort of look, if that makes sense.

If I had a t-shirt that said all that on it, I would definitely wear it.

Jacob: Copying Andrew's Slogans since 8:37 am

Reformed Christians: Being Presumptious and Divisive Since 1517.

Myself included, of course :)

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