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It's a Foggy Day in Houston

(Note: I wrote this post Thursday evening while I was still at the Houston Airport, waiting for my return flight to Omaha.)

I have spent the day trying to get back to Nebraska from Alabama. Because Houston went through a particularly foggy spell, all flights into the international airport were shut down for most of the morning. As you can imagine, this caused significant backups and delays. Beyond this, the day has been generally crazy. So, for your enjoyment, I am providing a list of highlights from my day.

  • When I went through security, I mentioned to the security lady that I was headed back to Nebraska. She then asked if I was a member of the UNL Wrestling team. Not sure where she would have gotten that from...
  • I learned what a horrifying experience it can be when, upon entering a public restroom as a man, you cannot see any urinals. Combine this with the fact that a woman was at the sink, and you have a recipe for a quick heart attack. Moral of the story: pay attention to the little signs outside of public restrooms.
  • At the Houston Airport, I was amused to see a 50+ year old white man with his hair in cornrows as well as a cowboy wearing a denim trenchcoat. Interesting people, these Texans. (I suppose both of them could read the signs outside of restrooms, though, so they have something on me.)
  • I finished Surprised by Joy. Good book, but not quite what I was expecting. It helped tremendously to flesh out many of Lewis's motivations for what he writes in his fiction and his nonfiction. It made me want to revise the thesis that I had written on Perelandra.
  • Reading a book on Covenant Theology, watching the Huskers play the National Semifinal Volleyball tournament on TV, and enjoying a Shiner Bock on tap--all at the same time at a restaurant in the Houston Airport! I was one happy delayed traveler at that point.
  • Having to leave the Omaha airport without my luggage--as of Saturday morning, I still don't have my stuff, but they are supposed to be delivering my bags to my home in Hastings some time today.

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Good to hear you made it back. Two more days and I too will be in The Good Life. And by the way, can you smoehow invite me to this blog? It won't let me post on the beta for some reason.

Just sign in with your Gmail address next time you post, Andrew. That ought to switch you.

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