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Say Hello to My Little Friend!

My Little Friend
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This post could alternately be titled, "Reasons NOT to Live in Alabama." Large, flying cockroaches are as common down here as flies. Also, I guess the winter season doesn't kill them off--apparently they simply hide indoors. Perhaps this is the reason that an exterminator comes into our apartment on a monthly basis?

When I went into the kitchen this morning to make my coffee, this little guy was there to greet me. I went to get some Kleenex to grab him with the intent of flushing him down the toilet, but then I had the brilliant idea of taking a picture of him to share with the world. So, here he is--I think that I'll call him Mike.

Just so you know the end of the story, as I was fiddling around with my camera, Mike escaped. I did not see where he went, but maybe we will get to meet again some day.

By the way, this blog post is dedicated to my mother, who loves all living creatures and has a special place in her heart for cockroaches.

EDIT: (12/9/06, 11:56 a.m.)
I found Mike last night and flushed him down the toilet. I guess ours was a short-lived friendship.

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I am officially horrified. Remind me never to move to Alabama (no offense).

We have those too, but I have yet to see one inside my new house. There's also an abundance of brown crickets in the South, which are much larger (and therefore, more disgusting)than the black ones.

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