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Football Threat Level: Red (Severe)

Nebraska will be facing Auburn in the 2007 AT&T Cotton Bowl. Auburn is a good team, and it should be a good game. Nebraska and Auburn have matched up three times (last game played in 1982), and Nebraska won each of those games. As a perk, my family will be heading to Dallas to watch the game in person.

My only problem: Auburn is in Alabama. I live in Alabama right now, attending Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham. Alabamians take their football very seriously. If the Huskers lose--a definite possibility considering that we are facing the nation's 10th-ranked team as we come off an emotionally draining loss--I will never hear the end of it.

On the other hand, if we win, I will be the best friend of every fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide (Auburn's arch-enemy, the other half of the country's biggest in-state rivalry), and I will be able to wear my Husker apparel a little more proudly during the next few years.

We had better win this game.

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I'm going to go ahead and say that Auburn is going to win? In tough times like these (such as when I was contemplating the potential Huskers vs. Hogs in the Cotton Bowl) it's best to think big picture and ask yourself: who has the better mascot and/or cheer?

I would have had to cheer for the Razorbacks.

Thanks for the support, Lindsey. :)



(Just thought you might be feeling a little alone in your love for the Nebraska football team, Jacob.)

Thanks! Actually, I know a die-hard Alabama fan who came up to me yesterday and said, "Well, Nebraska's my second favorite team until the end of the season."

I also had someone warn me not to wear my Nebraska shirts too prominently because of the many Auburn fans in the area. He was joking, but I might just wear a Nebraska shirt every day for the rest of my time down here. :)

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