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New Creation

It has been far too long. Andrew has been behind the Berlin Wall, and I have been deep into the heart of the Confederacy. Have we been busy? Sure. Have we been starting new lives? Absolutely. Do we have a renewed desire for the upkeep of this blog? We do now.

More to come soon...

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It's about time you worked up those blogging muscles!

Wow! A new look, a fresh start. I might as well add you guys back to my link list--I thought this was defunct. And oh, while we're at it, fix the link to mine--it's no longer a blogspot.

Lindsey, I'm confused--what is the new address to your blog? When I click the link, I'm still getting to your blog. Have I missed something?

Yep, you're missing that I haven't posted there in about a month. And I haven't gotten around to/don't know how to move all past archives over or make it so that you automatically end up on the new page. Anyway, it's http://trepidatious.wordpress.com

Well, this just goes to show how long I've been out of blogging business. Anyway, I updated the link. :)

I need to post. :) The new layout looks great, Gerbsy.

Whoa, I didn't realize you'd started posting again til Andrew told me today. I had to hit refresh - apparently your old, still version was cached and didn't want to update. It's lookin' good!

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