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Me: So you could call Presbyterianism the father of the Reformed Baptists?

Jacob: I would call them brothers.

Me: But Reformed Baptists came out of the Presbyterian tradition?

Jacob: I would go so far as to call Presbyterianism the older brother.

Me: . . . How about uncle?

Jacob: No!

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I just have to ask the obvious question:

Why is this titled "overheard" if you are one of the people in on the conversation?

i was wondering the same thing...

I asked that same question, and the response was that as they spoke the words, they also overheard them being uttered by themselves. Or something.

'Tis true. It was meant to be tongue-in-cheekishly stupid, but I didn't realize that the title would be so difficult for people. :) Perhaps I should retitle it "Oversaid."

I just figured it was "overheard" by us. Guess I'm too dumb to be confused. hehe

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