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Nihilist Thought of the Day

"We believe in whatever we consider useful," Bazarov said. "These days negation is more useful than anything else - so we negate."
"Yes, everything."
"What? Not only art, poetry, but even...it's too shocking to utter..."
"Everything," Bazarov repeated with indescribable coolness.
Pavel Petrovich stared at him. He had not expected this. Arkady, on the other hand, flushed with pleasure.
"But look here," Nikolai Petrovich broke in. "You negate everything or, to be more exact, you destroy everything. But who is going to do the building?"
"That's not our affair. The ground has to be cleared first."

-Turgenev, Fathers and Sons

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I'm so confused...I thought nihilists said, "Yah, nossing!" And here they are saying, "Yes, everything." I just don't know what to believe anymore...ist nossing oder everyssing?

Nossing ist everyssing, Sprockets.

i laughed a lot at the post below this one. just thought i would let you know.

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