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Quotes from the Bus

"If you're paying interest on credit cards, you're not tithing to God. The credit game is why America is falling apart."


"Satan is a very clever human being."


"I believe in God. I believe in Christ. I believe in the Holy Trinity. But I do not consider myself a Christian because I don't hold to any church, sect, or doctrine."


"That's one of the gifts that God's given me: the gift of truth. I may not always speak the truth or think the truth, but I always know it, I always see it, and I always find it. It's hard to bullsh*t me."

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Sounds like the last one is a psychic.

Was this all the same person, or multiple persons (and I mean multiple, not in the sense of a single person with multiple personalities, but actually multiple persons physically)?

It was two guys discussing credit, God, and truth.

I knew that someone, somewhere had the same gift as me!

It's also good to see that someone else shares your views on the incarnation of Satan. ;)

Wow! I thought you were talking about the football player "The Bus". Like quotes from "The Bus".

Me talk about football? You should know better than that...

I'm glad the one guy isn't easily bullsh*tted because he appears that he might be shoveling a lot of it his own way.

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