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Weekend Update

Well, I did get to go see Nebraska play Alabama, but I use the word "play" there loosely. Nebraska got dominated, losing 8-0, marking Nebraska's first shutout in 201 games. I did have a good time, though, especially because I got to meet a handful of people from Nebraska who were down at the game for all sorts of different reasons. Also, there's just nothing like seeing my team down where I live. It's as though they made a special trip just for me!

Before you despair of our team's ability to play baseball, I should mention that Nebraska ended up winning the games on Saturday and Sunday, so Nebraska was the victor in the series 2-1. I listened to both on the (internet) radio, and they sounded like great games. I wished that I could have gone to one of those instead!


This weekend, I downloaded the computer-game classic of my childhood, "Oregon Trail," and I spent a significant amount of time playing it. I had forgotten how much that game rules. If you want to relive your own second grade, you can download the game here. (I'm not sure if this will work on Macs or not.) Ignore the "Install" file; if you just open "Oregon.exe" you will be able to play immediately.

I had forgotten how frustrating it was to get to the end of the trail, float down the river, almost get to the landing spot, but then lose virtually everything by crashing your wagon on the rocks. Stupid rivers.

In other news, Alabama is heading into its Spring. Being from Nebraska it's really strange to see trees blossom in early March, but I'm definitely enjoying the 70 degree weather. I can't really say that I missed having snow, though.

(Yes, I am trying to rub this in to those of you still in Nebraska.)

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We're getting a couple days of 70 degree weather... then back down to the 50s. Still nice weather, as long as it doesn't decide to drop another ton of snow on us before, say, November.

Welcome to the glory of the South. Where once you get a few of those days, you can safely assume spring is here. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the dogwoods and daffodils are blooming. Isn't it nice?

And seriously, Oregon Trail? I think you just made my afternoon.

Everything is blooming now in Lincoln, and it's nice and warm. Ah, spring. I love it.

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