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Fun With Personality Assessment

Bethany first sparked my interest in the Meyers-Briggs personality test. I always seem to test as an INTJ, with J being my weakest characteristic, and sometimes I wonder if I'm really an INTP, mostly because of my uncertainty as opposed to the INTJ's certainty. So, what are you? If you don't know, here's a short little test to get a rough idea.

If I am an INTJ, I'm in good company. Supposedly C.S. Lewis, Hannibal Lecter, Gandalf the Grey, and Mr. Darcy all demonstrated INTJ characteristics. Now that I think about it, Jacob and I did always say that I was the broody Darcy.

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I took this test a long time ago, and I was an INFJ on the border of being an INTJ. As I read through both, there are definitely a lot of aspects of my personality described there.

Now that I think about it, I always did want to be a more emotionally sensitive C. S. Lewis. :)

Oh, apparently my fellow INFJs include Nathan the prophet (you know, the guy who told the parable about the poor man's lamb to King David--not sure how they know this), Carrie Fisher from Star Wars, the girl who plays Kate on Lost (Evangeline Lilly), Tom Selleck (how exciting!), and Mel Gibson.

I think I'm going to stick with that "more emotionally sensitive C. S. Lewis" role.

Lindsey and I are INFP's. There's some Facebook group that says we're like swans raised in a family of ducks. ;)

I am an INTJ. I am a weak I and N, but very strong T and J.

INTJs are relatively rare. I think I only know two or three other INTJs.

Christy and I are like swans. Swan princesses to be exact.

I think you should take the enneagram test, because I find it to be more accurate than MBTI.

You can take the test here here, and read and compare how types interrelate here I think the latter link is the most interesting, and you could probably identify which one you are just by reading them.

I am a two.

I'm an ISFJ.

I got INFP... apparently other INFPs are: Hans Christian Andersen, Emily Bronte, Neil Diamond, Princess Diana, Mia Farrow, Homer, the Virgin Mary (apparently?), Mr. Rogers, Albert Schweitzer, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, and Yeats.

Kinda fun... I really love Andersen's stories, Bronte is a favorite author of mine, and Oscar Wilde is also cool. Good find andrew :)

Wow... I guess I'll be the first E. I'm an ENFJ. I'm accompanied by King David, Abraham Lincoln, Sean Connery, Andy Griffith, Oprah Winfrey, and my favorite, Bob Saget.

ENTJ...weak E though

I'm proudly ENFP, although somewhat weak on the E (believe it or not).

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