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It's Official

Bethany and I will be moving to South Bend, IN next August, where I'll be starting a Ph.D. program in modern transatlantic history. Although a lot of people know this by now, I thought I'd wait to post about it until I at least get the official documents mailed.

Notre Dame has been my first choice for graduate school all along. The department is strong in both transatlantic history and religious/theological history, which are my primary interests, and will encourage me to pursue this somewhat boundary-crossing course of study. ("Transatlantic" simply means I'll be looking at both sides of the Atlantic - particularly America and Germany - and especially the exchanges between them.) The faculty includes people such as George Marsden, Mark Noll, Alexander Martin, and James Turner - all working in modern Christian history - with and from whom I'm looking forward to working and learning.

Bethany will be looking for a job in South Bend to help pay the bills while I'm hiding behind stacks of books. :) Our next big tasks (well...after getting married, of course) are finding housing and a church home in South Bend. It can be a little scary thinking about leaving long-term the places and people we're familiar with, but we're also looking forward to starting fresh our life together.

Don't worry though; we're still around Lincoln for a while (well, I will be soon anyway), and looking forward to a summer enjoying being married and around our friends and family.

When you see Professor Noll, please tell him that while The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind was thoroughly interesting, Turning Points was so repetitive that it allowed me to ace every daily quiz on the book without reading more than the intro.

I probably won't. :)

I'm just starting America's God. I hope it's as good as Scandal.

Our new church history professor at Beeson got his Ph.D. in history at Notre Dame. His was more on the patristics side of things, though. It's a pretty exciting hire, because he right now do not have a Lutheran, and he is a Missouri-Synod Lutheran.

He also gave a very good lecture on Augustine last semester when he was interviewing.

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