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Good News!

Unbaptized Infants Released From Limbo.

This post is dedicated to all of our readership who weren't baptized as infants, but were born well before this upcoming papal pronouncement. Back in the day, we would have had to go to limbo if we had not made it out of infancy; I'm glad that's no longer the case for all the new babies entering the world!

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Not a worry for me. That comes from the benefit of having parents switch to a believer-baptism church after you've already been baptized as a baby. :)

Hmm ... well what about me? I haven't been baptized yet at all. So if I die soon does this mean I'll be in limbo?

It seems like the point of the article is that they're getting rid of the concept of limbo all together...so if an unbaptized baby dies, it goes to heaven, not limbo. So I'm not sure where that leaves you, Lindsey. Better get dunked soon to cover all your bases.

Well, and it would be kind of moot for me anyway, as the primary debate as to why the infants end up in limbo anyway is because they haven't haven't had opportunity to choose or reject good or evil. And since I've had almost 20-some years of that (or less, depending on when one determines age of accountability) I think my fate sans baptism has already been decided.

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