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Ron Paul

At first glance (as someone who has been out of the country and hasn't been paying much, if any, attention to the 2008 presidential election) I'm intrigued by candidate Ron Paul. A republican who ran as a libertarian candidate in '88, he favors a very strict interpretation of the constitution, opposes the Iraq war, while also staunchly pro-life on abortion and stem cell research.

(And he's a fan of Reagan, Jacob.)

We have a "few" comments on Mr. Paul.


I'll have to read about him when I get the chance. I'm really curious at what will happen with the Republican nominee for '08. I think the religious right is going to end up being opposed to all three of the current front runners so I think the door is open for a dark horse to emerge. And the best part is since I'll likely be voting Democrat I can watch all of this as the fascinated outsider. (That last bit is just for you, Jacob ;) )

Thanks for bringing it up Andrew...I had not heard of him. I looked him up and he seems to be currently 12th in the polls. It would be very hard I think for a man with such libertarian ideals to get elected. Another interesting guy is Fred Thompson (currently 4th). The actor who played the DA in law and order. He seems to have the "Reagan effect"...voters just love a president with a southern drawl.

Except for Bush.

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