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Making the Rounds

Some things I've found on other blogs that you might find interesting:

Matthew Smith (one of the lead singers on the Indelible Grace albums) is offering his new solo album of remade hymns, "All I Owe," freely available for streaming download during this month--in other words, you can listen to it, but you can't keep it. Read more here.

David Mills of Mere Comments had an interesting post on why dogmatic atheism ended up pushing him toward Christianity when he was an agnostic:
When the secularist declared that God did not exist or that a particular belief was incredible, I always wondered how they could be so sure. Friends and teachers would sweep away the supernatural with all the confidence of the Fundamentalists they laughed at, and with fewer arguments than the Fundamentalists offered. Beyond that old staple, the problem of evil, that is.
Read the rest here.
The Presbyteer linked to information regarding a dispute within the PCA over "Federal Vision" theology. I found the written examination fascinating (and long--be warned!), and I'm going to try to listen to the oral examination over the next few days. I had heard about "Federal Vision" theology before, but this is a really good context in which to get the essentials explained from both sides.

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