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Template Fixed (Hopefully)

I spent a couple of hours today updating the template on this blog so that IE6, IE7, and Firefox would all be able to display the site correctly. If the blog doesn't look right to you, please leave me a comment telling me what seems to be wrong and what browser (along with its version) you are using. On most browsers, you can click Help-->About..., and it will give you a browser and version number. Thanks!

Also, I would really appreciate it if someone using Opera or Safari would let me know that the site is working properly (or that it isn't). Again, please give me the version number of the software that you are using.

--The Management

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Looks fine in Safari Version 2.0.4

I finally got Firefox since IE7 is total crap and I used Safari and IE 6/7 at school today and your blog looked totally fine.

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