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Well, since Blogging Season is upon us, I suppose that it's time to begin. I somewhat missed blogging over the summer, but I just never feel that much in the mood when school isn't in session.

So, I'm back now, although I don't know how much time I will have to post anything. This post is largely just to stretch my internet-publishing muscles a bit as well as to record my virtual presence.

The Huskers looked great last Saturday against Nevada, but only time will tell how the might stand up against a real team. I'll try to put up a real prediction before the Wake Forest game begins.

The interesting part of the Husker game was that, when I went to a Buffalo Wild Wings to see the game (it televised regionally, and my region went with a different game), I met two families from Omaha who now live in Birmingham. One of the families was a couple who attend Briarwood Presbyterian, and the husband was a Secret Service officer from Lyndon B. Johnson through the Reagan administration.

It was very interesting to talk to them, and it was incredibly nice to watch Nebraska games with real Husker fans. I have found out that watching games with people who don't particularly care is depressingly lonely--I'd much rather watch the game alone. So, I was very thankful to get to cheer along with fellow travelers.

In other news, I shaved my head.

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Welcome back, lazy bum.

Yay! You're back! Also, let's see a picture of this shaved head, I'm having a really hard time visualizing whether you have a nice round head, or one that is knobbly, like a potato.

I'm sorry I made you feel lonely all those times we watched Husker games.

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