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Mix Me!

As some of you know, I'm heading to England and France in about a week. And now I'm inviting you to come with me! Sort of.

Here's my request: a six song mix for listening to in either London or Paris. Either post a comment listing the songs, or email me (let me know via comment if you need my email address.) I'd prefer that you pick songs I already have, or are purchaseable via iTunes. Special preference also goes to people who explain why they picked the songs they did (i.e. "I listened to this track while riding the Paris Metro and it fit the mood well," etc.)

And maybe I'll pick a winner to get some wonderful prize (although I have a feeling that will be too difficult, given the quality of the mixes put together on the Minneapolis trip.) Of course, this requires people to participate, so if you can/want to, please do!

(If you absolutely have to, I'll accept (heh..."accept"...as if this is I'll have loads of entries) more than six songs, but try to keep it under ten.)

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If I can see iTunes through my tears of jealousy, I'll make you a mix soon.

I just remembered that I got a pretty cool French CD that was given to me as a gift from my host family when I went to France. Les Acrobats was the name of the band, but they don't appear to be on iTunes, and I wasn't able to find something about them on google.fr or anything. Maybe I'll try to dig that up when I go home this weekend.

Les Rois Gypsies!! (Gipsy Kings, www.gipsykings.com) A group from southern France with great music. From the two-disc album "Volare! The Very Best of the Gipsy Kings" I would recommend any of the following: Volare (everyone should know this song), Bamboleo (a little less bubblegum than Volare), Soy (ah, the joys of a brainless chord progression), or Bailame (like Volare, a well-known one). Or if you want a cheesier salsa one, try Vamos A Bailar.

The only thing that eases my pain (like Bethany's) is my trip to Vienna. CDG airport is the closest I'll get to France for a very, very long time. :(

You should make that deadbeat fiance of yours take you there. Tell him I suggested it. :)

hm. i listened to a good deal of rufus wainwright and the mansfield park soundtrack while in england, which i highly recommend (go for "want one.") Here's what I would listen to:

At Covent Garden: Phantom of the Opera--"Overture"
At Westminster Abbey: Rufus Wainwright--"I Don't Know What It Is"
On a Rooftop: The Decemberists--"Chimbley Sweep"
At Trafalgar Square: Les Miserables---"One Day More"
Parisian Nightlife: Of Montreal--"O.M.M.D.2"
Soundtrack from "Chocolat."
Soundtrack from "Mansfield Park."

You could also try the "Amelie" soundtrack.

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