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Beeson Picture Tour

You can check out a Facebook photo album (even if you are not a member of Facebook, and even if you have no idea what Facebook is!) by clicking here. (Warning: I'm not that great of a photographer.) My favorite picture is this one (in spite of my red-eye):

That's right: me and my buddy DR. JOHN PIPER!!!

EDIT (12/4/06 3:52 p.m.):
As I was going back through posts, apparently I can't link to the Facebook picture anymore. So, I changed the picture source to my Flickr account. I don't think the Facebook link works at all, but my Facebook account still has the photo tour.


You look tall...

Yeah...I always forget just how tall I am until I see myself in a mirror or a picture or something standing beside someone else who isn't also gargantuan.

Gargantuan is 6'6. Average is 5'10. You are simply above average. Do you hear that Jacob? You're an overachiever!

So if 6'6" is Gargantuan...what is 6'8"?

the inquiring 6'8" man

My kind of man. Got any brothers?

Hey, knock it off, kids. We aren't a dating service.

Unless, of course, you are supporting us at the Premium Level Membership, for a low, low, price of $99.99 per year!


A good man is hard to find. A tall man is even harder to find. And I offered my cookies as support to Of Bald Men and Bears which is GREATLY LACKING in posts I must say, but nooooooo you must make unreasonable demands for cash, creating a chasm of bitter sadness between you and the faithful reader.

Maybe it's you who will need that dating service.

My vocal support for Of Bald Men and Bears is priceless.

Oh and Lindsey, I have two brothers; one who recently got married and one who is getting married in April. If you want a chance you had better act fast :)


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