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More Thanksgiving

What an incredible day: Nebraska 30, Colorado 3! Many people are saying that this win is the best since we beat top-ranked Oklahoma in 2001 (the game that our resident Husker-hater (that's Andrew) attended to watch the famous trick play from Mike Stuntz to Eric Crouch--I'm still envious that he was there), which is saying quite a bit about the progress of Bill Callahan's program. The Journal Star even gave the Huskers straight-A's in all categories in its report card.

Oh, yeah, and Colorado fans are vile creatures. Perhaps not all of them, but certainly most. I suppose that the fans are only following the lead of their players, though.


50 yard line, 10th row up, west stadium, free ticket...mwah ha ha.

And, I forgot to mention, the chancellor's pre-game tailgate party.

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