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Of Bald Men and Bears Presents: Real Men of Genius

Today we salute you, Mr. Daily Blog Updater!
(Mr. Daily Blog Updater!)
You faithfully provide your readers with new stories about yourself, in spite of homework or tests.
(In spite of all your homework!)
Philosophy test the next day? You still find time to post.
(What your roomate did this morning!)
And you'll keep writing those stories, day after day.
(Even if no one reads it!)
So hit that publish button one more time, Mr. Blog Updater, and send the unimportant details of your life hurtling onto the information superhighway.
(Mr. Daily Blog Updater!)

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Definitely feeling as though that's all about me.

Well, your remark about our lack of updates definately provided the inspiration for it, and it may have been modeled loosely on you, but it's really more of a general profile of the Daily Blog Updater.

And, for clarification, your blog is read and enjoyed regularly.

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