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Another reason to praise the Lord

From an article in this week's US News and World Report:
Every passing week brings news for latte lovers, and the latest on coffee is the best buzz yet. It turns out that a cup of joe--or a carafe--may chase away the blues; turn you into a better athlete; and protect against diabetes, Parkinson's disease, gallstones, and some cancers...."If its benefits continue to mount, coffee may come to be viewed as a health food," says Lona Sandon, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.
Amen to that.


I'll stick with my equally antioxidant-rich tea.

From the article:
"Nutrition experts like Willett point out that, like tea, coffee is rich in antioxidants--substances in vegetables and fruits that deactivate disease-causing byproducts of the body's metabolism. 'Coffee is by far the largest source of antioxidants in our diet,' says Joe Vinson, a chemistry professor at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. That's not just because we drink so much. In tests conducted at Vinson's lab, coffee topped the list of foods that are densest in antioxidants, surpassing blueberries, broccoli, and most other produce. Only chocolate, dried fruits, and dried beans ranked higher."

Drink that, tea-boy.

You guys stick with your beverages.
I'll keep eating chocolate.

I have a healthy intake of chocolate in addition to my tea, so I can do without the opiate of the American masses.

"Make tea not war."


That's where cafe mochas come in!

Also, I maintain that there is no greater food-beverage combination than coffee with dark chocolate.

(Pardon me while I wipe drool off my computer now.)

It makes me happy that I know people who say things to each other like: "Drink that, tea-boy."

Put that in your cup and steep it!

As long as you aren't buying Coffee or Tea from Starbucks, have at it.

Praise the Lord coffee's a health drink, cuz I'm an addict. I really should check myself into a clinic, but I'd rather have my iced coffee, with cream and a shot of Irish Cream Syrup. (lohohlhllohllhohlholll, in a Homer drooling sort of way)

I will dutifully avoid telling you the brand of coffee I brew in the mornings, then.

Just keep selling your soul to corporate America, Starby boy!

"Starby boy"? I have to be "Starby boy"?

Why not, "Starbuckaroo," or "Starbuck-buck" (a reference to a Bill Cosby sketch), or even "Starbuckbeak" (a reference to Harry Potter)?

Starby boy indeed...

Thanks Andrew! My thoughts exactly.

As for you Jacob, if you feel comfortable enslaving hundreds of coffee farmers, for your non-fair-trade pleasure....that's your perogative. Just know that you are the man.

www.puravidacoffee.com (fair-trade coffee ministry)

Also please note my rants about Starbucks in the archives of my blog. I think you'll find them enlightening.

Don't worry about the all the Starbuckish names Jacob. You will be henceforth known as "The man keeping the brother down". "The Man" for short.


Why ARE you drinking Starbucks in the convenience of your own home? I enjoy Starbucks myself (probably because I have no principles, seeing as I also shop at Wal-Mart, Target, Barnes and Noble, etc.) but why BUY the beans when you have The Roaster? I'm a social drinker, but the Ethiopian coffee from The Roaster makes Starbucks look like Folgers. I'll have some on Saturday to prove my point.

At least it's better than "Starby boy"...

You are probably right--I shouldn't buy non-fair-trade coffee. I didn't think about it, though, when I was at the grocery store and was out of coffee for the next day. Sorry. At that point, my coffee dependency outweighs moral concerns. I will plan better next time, though.

Is there a better place in town/brand I could buy from?

Did I mention KAREN works there? Support your friends!

The Roaster, the Roaster, the Roaster...I know, I know...I suck at life, especially when it comes to coffee...

It's just tough for me to justify a thirty-minute drive (each way) to buy a half-pound of coffee. What with gas prices the way they are and everything...

Does anyone else want to brow-beat me for my coffee choices????

Where's The Roaster located? I need to get some for a Christmas present. (Mom, if you happen to read this, just act surprised for me.) Starby boy can come with me.

The Adventures of English Breakfast Man and Starby Boy!

(True tangential story: The tea Bethany and I had at the Mill last night tasted like pasta. No joke. Like drinking left over pasta-boiled water. And it was the same English Breakfast that we normally get. "Wha happened?!")

Sorry Jacob. I tend to shame my friends into following a more socially concious path.

I know that the Coffee House (13 & P, I think) and Meadowlark (17 & South) both sell fair-trade coffee. You can also order coffee from that coffee ministry and support a ministry that is sharing the gospel with these coffee farmers. Their prices are truly reasonable and you'd be doing the right thing Jacob :)

See! I don't just brow beat without providing a way out:)

The Roaster is at about Old Cheney and Hwy 2...in that strip mallish area across the street from McDonald's.

Mmmm...pasta water tea...

Well look at it this way Jacob: The Roaster is right down the street from my house. So if you need coffee and I'm coming over to your house, I will buy it for you, and you can pay me back plus 10 cents for shipping and handling, thus saving yourself the trip. However, this offer expires on January 9th.

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