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Intelligent Design

About the nebula...


Intelligent design? Silly Andrew--that thing just sort of came into being by itself. Then, because our brains also evolved randomly, we appreciate this blob that has no significance whatsoever in the grand scheme of things.

So go back to living your useless, futile life, and try not to think about the fact that, once you die, you and this nebula will be completely meaningless. Completely and utterly meaningless.

(Seriously, what's the point of living for a naturalist/materialist?)

By the way, praise God for that beautiful nebula. I was reading this morning in 2 Chronicles 5, where Solomon dedicated the temple, but where the glory of the LORD was so overwhelming that the priests couldn't stand to minister there. Personally, I could probably minister while looking at that nebula, so just imagine what heaven--where the glory of God will be our light as he dwells among us--will be like!

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