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As if!

An excerpt from this Daily Nebraska article yesterday, which was about the fact that the ASUN meeting on Wednesday night did not have a quorum (a minimum number of people necessary for a meeting to transact business legally):
"We're like one short of quorum," said ASUN Parliamentarian Jacob Gerber.
I'm like so totally happy that the DN, you know, got like absolutely every word I said in their like article. Totally!


You ARE blonde.

At least it wasn't an internet cafe.

Couldn't you have like, voted anyway even without that like, quorum-thingy?

If it makes you feel any better, it took me a long time to figure out what was wrong with that quote. I read it as "We're one short of a quorum," and then I RE-read it as "We're one short of a quorum." I stared at it wondering where the problem was. "And why is Jacob talking like that?"

Oh. Maybe Anne needs to read more carefully.

Says Lindsey to me last night on the phone: "So, where is the Alamo Bowl again?"

Now who's blonde, huh? Already forgetting the Alamo...

I corrected myself as soon as I said it! And yes, if we went 10 years back in time, I would indeed have very blonde hair.

Well you know those Robert's Rules people....they're all like from the valley and stuff!!

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