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Letter to the DN

I would have stayed out of the whole "Corpus Christi" debate (a bunch of Christians protested the UNL production of a play that portrays Jesus as a homosexual) within the DN over the last few weeks, but when the DN satirized Narnia ("Christians angered over portrayal of Jesus as a lion in 'Chronicles of Narnia.'"), I thought I should write in.

So, this was published today. (Mine is the last letter on the page.)


I don't even know people on my campus who would write something like that.

I've always preferred Jesus as a lion (specifically Aslan) anyway.

Leo dei--

The Lion of God who washed away the sins of the world... ;)

Bold stuff, Gerber. And I like it, even I wasn't as offended by the headline as you were.

And, I might add, it was a necessary corrective to the letter immediately above yours. It's sad commentary on our culture when all that can be said in response to such a play is that it is an affront "the conservative heartland, home of traditional family values."

Is it a coincidence that Dustin is from Topeka, the home of Westboro Baptist? Maybe...

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