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Hunting Season

I just killed my first cockroach of the year--they are everywhere here in Alabama, and there isn't much anybody can do. I see more cockroaches than flies in this part of the country. This was a pretty big one, being almost two inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide. It was a fast sucker, too, and I had to chase it all the way across my kitchen counter, under the sink, into a drawer, under the sink again, and then onto my floor where I was able to get it with a paper towel.

We'll be cleaning this weekend.

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I find this story very distressing. If you've ever wanted Ben and me to move to Alabama, you just destroyed your chances...

That reminds me of Consipiracy Theory, when Mel Gibson kills the cockroach in his kitchen with a spatula, mutters, "That's disgusting!", then hangs the spatula back up on the hook.

I'm glad to know *you* use disposable weapons against those guys.

I'm on board with Christy--if you want me to come visit, those cockroaches had better be a mere memory. You ought to get one of those perimeter sprays--my roommate and I did that and it helped a rather lot, I think. We also set off one of those bug bombs while we were at church one morning. The cockroaches must not prevail!

Raid spray...as a fellow resident of the humid gross South, I feel your pain...

Jacob, you're the only person I know who would post on their blog at 4 AM to say they had killed a cockroach... Happy hunting :).

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